sonic f.lux

Marco Busani
Natalie Konopelski

Obsessive Cleaners

Kleoniki Fotiadou
Bianca Yousef


Eglė Jacinavičiūtė
Savvas Laz


Iulia Circei
Sina Steiner

The Paperscape

Albina Aleksiunaite
Devika Mirawitani

Instruments. Reimaging the Music Room

is an exhibition that centres on the theme of the domestic soundscape and the place of music in the home. The study explores the detection and recognition of an immaterial audio presence or sonic architectures that exists in the home, engendered by our domestic rituals, their space and objects. This audio presence requires the inhabitant to recognize a spatial acuteness, cognition, and mapping, which isn’t necessarily rational, visible or haptic. In turn, the inquiry has generated projects, which offer novel design solutions and alternative ‘sonic’ experiences for contemporary home life.

The exhibition is designed to simulate a black-box theatre -

an immersive space for the designers to present and demonstrate their projects to the visitors. Videos complement each project, planned as performative narratives to illustrate how the projects work in space, while they also reflect the designer’s idiosyncratic domestic ‘sound diaries’ that originally inspired the project.

Building upon the past two exhibitions Fabrikaat (2012), Altered Appliances (2013), both exhibited at Ventura Lambrate during Milan Design Week, INSTRUMENTS (2014) is part of a trilogy that investigates making, materiality, and application in the context of the domestic space. The projects were researched and made during thematic design studios by a group of international designers in the Master Interior Architecture & Retail Design [MIARD] program at the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The Master of Interior Architecture & Retail Design programme at the Piet Zwart Institute is an international postgraduate programme that is part of the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University.